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"I Didn't Learn Shit": Current challenges Facing Art Schools and Inquiry-based Alternative Model Solutions Imagined in Pedagogic Art Projects
Francis Newton Souza: Recognizable Anatomy
To Be Real or Not To Be: The Girl Who Is Contagious
Convicted and Redeemed: a Study in Baroque Religious Viewership
Leticia Parente: Preformative Experimentations (1975 - 1982)
Korean Modern Architecture During the Japanese Colonial Era
Portrait of a Man: An Alternative View of Black Representation in Renaissance Italy
Collecting Themselves: Deaf Art and Culture Through the Work of Betty G. Miller
Activating the Physical Divide: Navigating Borders Through Artistic Engagement
Lost In Translation: Exhibitions of Contemporary Art from Korea
Theology and Anti-theology: Usury, Sin, and Restitution
"Chocolate" Comes From a Nahuatl Word? A Study of Multiculturalism within a Cultural Specific Museum
The Rational Dress Society: a Real Design Movement
Kichiku Culture: Audience As Creators, Creators Of Their Own Realities
How Did We Get Here? Chinese Contemporary Performance Art in Mainland China Contextualized
Bona Fide Purchasers and Owners of Cultural Heritage
Painting Death in Antwerp: 
Depictions of Martyrdoms By Ambrosius Francken I
Artprice: Art for Sale's Sake