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Korean Modern Architecture During the Japanese Colonial Era
How Did We Get Here? Chinese Contemporary Performance Art in Mainland China Contextualized
Kichiku Culture: Audience As Creators, Creators Of Their Own Realities
Bona Fide Purchasers and Owners of Cultural Heritage
Painting Death in Antwerp: 
Depictions of Martyrdoms By Ambrosius Francken I
Artprice: Art for Sale's Sake
Convicted and Redeemed: a Study in Baroque Religious Viewership
To Be Real or Not To Be: The Girl Who Is Contagious
Theology and Anti-theology: Usury, Sin, and Restitution
"Chocolate" Comes From a Nahuatl Word? A Study of Multiculturalism within a Cultural Specific Museum
Lost In Translation: Exhibitions of Contemporary Art from Korea
Collecting Themselves: Deaf Art and Culture Through the Work of Betty G. Miller
Activating the Physical Divide: Navigating Borders Through Artistic Engagement
The Rational Dress Society: a Real Design Movement
Portrait of a Man: An Alternative View of Black Representation in Renaissance Italy
Leticia Parente: Preformative Experimentations (1975 - 1982)
Francis Newton Souza: Recognizable Anatomy
"I Didn't Learn Shit": Current challenges Facing Art Schools and Inquiry-based Alternative Model Solutions Imagined in Pedagogic Art Projects