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Pole Dancing and Art Therapy: Possibilities for Sexual Healing
Identity Displacement as Material in Contemporary Art and Art Therapy
Dissecting Intersectional Identity Through the Creative Process
Co-Conspicuous: An Autoethnography of a Physically Disabled Art Therapist Practicing in Social and Medical Disability Spaces
Re-Humanizing the Medical Gaze: Integration of Medical Art Therapy’s Narrative Approach
Art Therapy with Biofeedback for the Treatment of Chronic Headaches
The Intersection of Ableism and Ageism in the Field of Art Therapy: A Survey Study
Queering Art Therapy
Unlearning and Relearning: A Personal Inquiry About the Toxic Inheritance of White Supremacy and Privilege
Analysis of An Elite American Art Therapy Education in The Trump Era
An Art Therapy-Based Parent Education Group for Korean Immigrant Survivors of Domestic Violence.
Black Art Therapists: Using the Internet and Online Media Platforms to Support Community Connection
Art Therapy and Biofeedback: A Long-term Effectiveness Study
Care Practices, Art, and Social Change: Conversations with Artists, Activists, and Therapists
Art Therapy Sister Circle: Creating an Identity-Affirming Counter-space for Black Women Art Therapy Graduate Students
The Artist in You: A Picture Book Introduction to Art Therapy