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Roger Brown Master Artworks is digital collection of images and information about the work of artist Roger Brown (1941-1997). A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC; BFA, 1968; MFA, 1970), for 27 years Brown made paintings, sculpture, prints, sets and costumes for theatre and opera, and large-scale murals for architectural settings. His Chicago home, studio and vast collection is now SAIC's Roger Brown Study Collection, an important artists' museum and special collection. Beginning with his paintings, sculpture, and murals, the Roger Brown Master Artworks will expand to include his prints, with new photography, directly from the original works where possible.

You may explore Roger Brown's sketchbooks and compare realized works of art from this digital collection, with sketches for specific works and sketches from the time period. The sketches provide insight into Brown's working processes. Digitized sketchbooks are labeled by year or the date range. The entire sketchbooks are downloadable as pdf files.

Roger Brown looked to the grand arc of history for subject matter. Stepping outside his own time on occasion, he grappled with archetypal and mythological themes, but he was particularly attuned to the zeitgeist, the fabric and textures and events of his time, which fed him a continuous stream of subjects and issues demanding expression. In works throughout his career he addressed a broad range of subjects and issues, including nature, the dichotomy of nature and culture, architecture, rural and urban landscapes, natural and cultural disasters, current events, popular culture, political culture, the art world, religion in many guises, autobiographical, personal, and sexual issues, cosmology, mortality, reality, history, mythology, transformation, transportation, infrastructure, and the weather. We hope this collection will serve and inspire artists, scholars, and art appreciators.

The Roger Brown Study Collection (RBSC) of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) is the primary repository for Roger Brown's legacy. Information about the life and art of Roger Brown can be found at SAIC owns the copyright to all works by Brown unless otherwise assigned. For reproduction permission or other information please contact RBSC staff at or 773-929-2452.